Granite Types

Selecting the perfect memorial for a loved one involves choosing the right type of granite. From classic Barre Gray to striking Blue Pearl, each type of granite offers a unique aesthetic, adding a distinctive essence to a memorial. Below we illustrate the different types of granite available for monuments to assist in making a befitting choice for your loved one’s monument.

Barre Gray

This granite is a high-quality, durable stone known for its fine grain and consistent gray color. It has a blue-gray hue. Mined in Barre, Vermont, it is ideal for monuments due to its aesthetic appeal and resistance to weathering. Its unique blend of style and strength makes it the most popular choice.

barre gray

Jet Black

This granite is a dark, solid black granite imported from India that is ideal for hand and laser etchings.

India Rose

This granite is a fine-grained, rose-colored granite that has excellent contrast. It originates from India.


Quarried in India, this granite is a unique variegated granite with shades of purple, white, peach, and black colors.

India Aurora

This is a unique, variegated granite with shades of orange, brown, and black colors that originate from India.

India Red

Originating from India, this is a premium, bright-red granite.

Blue Lagoon

This variegated granite with shades of blue, black, and purple colors originates from India.

Cat’s Eye Brown

This granite originates from India.

Tropical Green

This granite originates from India.

Sparkle Black

This black granite features white and clear crystals and originates from India.

Sequoia Red

This red granite originates from India.

Tan Brown

Very similar to domestic brown and mahogany granites, but richer and darker in color, this granite offers very good contrast for carving and lettering. It originates from India.

Red Multi-color

This is a very popular, variegated red granite that is a great material to use for large-sized units or feature memorials. It comes from India.

Gray Pearl

This granite originates from India.

Blue Pearl

This granite is considered the finest blue quarried granite. It comes from Norway.

China Gray

This granite is very similar to Barre Gray. It’s imported from China.

American Gray

Quarried in Elberton, Georgia, this blue-gray granite has a fine grain and is medium gray in color. 

Dakota Mahogany

This is a brown granite with occasional, but unpronounced variations of black or orange.

American Black

This black granite with contrasting white veining is quarried in Pennsylvania.

Morning Rose

A medium-grained, rose-colored granite with excellent contrast for carving and lettering, this granite comes from Vermillion Bay, Ontario.

Durax Pink

A very hard, pink granite known for its unique soft color comes from Salisbury, North Carolina.