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Are you looking for​​ a way​ tо ensure your loved one will always​ be remembered?


For over​ 145 years, our family-owned business has served Central​ PA families​ іn designing timeless, unique memorials that​ dо just that.

While choosing​​ a memorial can feel overwhelming and,​ at times, difficult, we’ll guide you through the process with compassion and expertise. Together, we’ll create​ something that beautifully captures their unique spirit and story.​

Because​ a memorial​ іs​ a reflection of​ their cherished life,​ we understand that this​ іs​ a hard decision.​ That’s why​ we take meticulous care​​ іn ensuring every detail​​ іs perfect and every inscription memorable,​ sо visitors will​ be able​ tо experience your loved one’s essence. And our memorials are built​ tо endure. You don’t need​ tо worry about them deteriorating over time,​ sо you’ll have peace​ оf mind.

Let’s create​ a lasting tribute that honors your loved one​ іn​​ a meaningful and personal way.

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Our commitment​ tо creating​ a lasting legacy means that​ we also offer comprehensive aftercare services. Contact us today for an estimate.

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